Torgeir Vikane Stemsverk


Monocoque Camper for electric trucks

This camper is designed, modeled and visualized by me. It is especially made for the new Ford F-150 Lightning which is a electric truck.It is designed so that it can be manufactured using monoqocue vacuum mold process to make the chassis (Same as sailboats and aircrafts). It has a minimalistic design with standard components and […]

Fibonacci Rollator

Rollator designed, visualized and prototyped by me. This rollator is designed using the fibonacci spiral. The rollator is made for “heavy people” so that the force is evenly distributed from the handles to the four wheels. The basket in front is made out of sheet metal.

French Press

French Press designed and visualized by me. The French Press is modeled to have as few parts as possible for easier assembly and to keep the costs low. The french press consist of just 5 parts and makes wonderful coffee.

Drum Tilter

Drum Tilter designed, visualized and prototyped by me. This Drum Tilter is designed to hold barrels that has a weight of 237kgs Stress analysis in Inventor is used to optimalize the parts in the drum tiler so that it will hold the gravity force that is applied to the product. The product is designed so […]